Det kom ett helt fantastiskt och alldeles magiskt brev.

Så mycket med känslor kommer för varje mening som man läser.  Jag tror ni förstår om  ni också läser detta nedan:

Dear IESS, Teachers and friends who is reading this.
I have decided to write an letter to you guys since I miss you and to thank you. 

I have been through rough times in my life and it has affected my work in school, grades and maybe even social. But even when I had a very hard time in my life I could still come to Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sundsvall and know that I could be welcomed with friends, teachers and just happy people in general. 

I mentioned that I was gonna thank you in this letter, because I feel it’s the right thing to do. If it was not for IESS, my friends in the school and the teachers I would not have gotten this far in schoolwork or with my mental wellbeing. I remember that the school was doing everything to make sure that I could feel safe and just to be happy being in school. Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sundsvall is a school that really cares about their students. And I am very thankful and I do not know how to repay IESS, the teachers or my friends because it has helped me.

Now I might be repeating myself with that IESS and everyone that has been involved with me in school and how thankful I am and that I do not how to repay you guys. But I am serious when I mean that if they did not do those things to me I would not be doing this good now. 

William Hall, Johan Löthman, Gry Holmberg, Felicia Bengtsson, Egon Englund, Charles Forsgren, Jacob Olsson, Marcin Kryger, Liam Vestman, Lucas Tjärnberg are just a few people that has helped me through the time at IESS. And there are more names but you know who you are. I would like to thank you for helping me through the rough times, talking to me and just being friends with me and respecting me for who I am. You guys are the best and it is for the better that you keep it that way.

Ms.Nordin, Ms.Håkansson (Vice Principal) are the teachers that helped me through times and tried their best at making my stay in IESS the best possible. I am thankful for what you have done for me and that you put the time and effort in to make it work and to make me feel good being in school.

Mr.Brisson, you have made an amazing school. And please, keep the school being the best as you have done. I can’t explain in words but IESS has helped me a lot. And I believe strongly that it will help many students in the future. 

This letter may be short but I felt that I needed to say something or write something as some sort of thank you for being there for me and helping me succeeding in school. 

Thank you for an amazing time in Internationella Engelska Skolan and I miss all of the teachers, friends and the environment in general.

I am making this letter for public view and hopefully people that I wanted to reach out will read this.

Thank you once again from Tiger.